Topsail Island Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Topsail Island Homes for Sale and Real Estate

Topsail Island Living

Are you looking for a warm beach front property to call home or perhaps some vacation real estate for an investment? Topsail Island is the place for you. Located off the coast of North Carolina, south of Camp Lejeune, Topsail is a 26-mile long barrier island with pristine beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean. Once you make your way from the mainland onto the Island from either the high rise bridge on its north end or the swing bridge into Surf City, you can start exploring. Along with Surf City, the island also includes the communities of North Topsail Beach and Topsail Beach.

The Pirate Connection

According to local legend, Topsail Island was so named because pirates would hide their vessels behind it with only their topsails visible from the sea side of the island. The area became known as New Topsail Inlet. When the southernmost end of the island was developed and named New Topsail Beach, the island became known as Topsail.

Before the Second World War, the only way to gain access to Topsail Island was by boat. Local residents visited the island frequently to enjoy picnicking on the sandy beach on the Atlantic side of the island. The forests covering the island have attracted numerous treasure hunters seeking to uncover Blackbeard’s buried treasure trove.

Island Development by the US Military

At the start of World War II, the United States Army built a temporary anti-aircraft training base at Holly Ridge and took possession of Topsail Island. They were responsible for building the road extending from Camp David to the Sound and installing a floating bridge to the location where the present bridge is located. The army erected training facilities and support buildings where the Surf City Business District is currently located.

Following the War, the Navy took over the island and began a joint project with Johns Hopkins University called Operation Bumblebee. During this early guided-missile development program, more than 200 missiles were test fired (the launch pad is now a patio at the Jolly Roger Motel). The testing program lasted until 1948, when the island was returned to its original owners. The roads and bridge were left intact, at which point, development of the island began.

Town of Topsail Beach

The Town of Topsail Beach was incorporated in 1963 and has a friendly, family-oriented style of beach living. No high-rise development is permitted and the Town is committed to conservation of the island environment. There are approximately 1,200 homes in the community, but only about 500 year-round residents. Tourism boosts the population to about 7,000 people during the summer season. These visitors help sustain local businesses, including restaurants, motels, gift shops and fishing piers.

Employment by Industry

As you can imagine, in a location that sees its population increase by such large numbers during tourist season. Wholesale and retail services make up a significant portion of available jobs (12.5 percent of jobs for men and 24.7 percent of jobs for women). Slightly more than 40 percent of women work in education, health or social services, 8 percent of men work in manufacturing and another 8 percent work in public administration. The transportation, warehousing and utilities sectors employ a total of 16 percent of the population, while construction provides jobs for another 26 percent of workers.

Places of Interest

Topsail Island is home to some unique ways for you and your family to spend your time. The island’s 26 miles of coastline is visited by nesting sea turtles each year – and the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center gives you a chance to get an up close view of shelled patients who have suffered injuries. After touring the nonprofit center, you may even decide to adopt a sea turtle or volunteer there yourself.

The Missiles and More Museumis dedicated to promoting local history. The museum is located in a building which was used by the government to assemble missiles for a secret missile operation in 1946. If you decide to visit, you may be treated to exhibits on topics such as Camp David, Operation Bumblebee, Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPs), natural history in the area, Blackbeard the pirate lore and more.

The Topsail Skating Rink is a retro-style, family friendly place to go roller skating. The wooden floors are marked with years of dings and scratches from generations of skaters. Come in, strap on a set of wheels and skate to music played on 45s from 7-10 p.m. every night.

Patio Playground is an original 1955 mini-golf and air conditioned arcade. Stop by for a game when you and your family are ready to take a break from the beach. Be sure to leave enough time to enjoy an ice cream while you’re there.

Topsail and Area Beaches

Spending time in and around the water is an important part of life on Topsail Island, as evidenced by the many water attractions and activities, including boat tours, kayaking, windsurfing and fishing. While swimming and surfing are allowed at Topsail Beach, there are no lifeguards on duty at any time. Alcohol is allowed on the beach, but glass containers are prohibited.

You may bring your dog with you to Topsail Beach, but it must be on a leash if you wish to visit the beach between May 15 and September 30. At other times, your dog must be under voice command. You must remove any waste your dog produces while at the beach, so be prepared - bring along a scoop and some plastic bags.

Surf City Beach also doesn't provide lifeguards and no alcohol is allowed on this beach at any time. All dogs visiting the beach with you must be kept on a leash and you're responsible for picking up after your dog during your visit.

There's also an ordinance against swimming, surfing, wading and bodyboarding within 300 feet of any of the fishing piers. Anyone who is caught doing so faces a fine of $100.00 for a first offense.

North Topsail Beach is also unsupervised. Dogs must be kept on a leash and under the control of their owner at all times, and if you bring your pet along, you'll be responsible for removing its waste. There's a $100.00 fine for leash law violations or failing to pick up dog waste.

Topsail Island is a charming seaside community, dedicated to preserving its identity as a place that’s welcoming and attractive to visitors. If you can picture yourself living in a place that's relatively quiet for part of the year, with an annual influx of lively tourists and vacationers during the summer season, then Topsail Island living may be right for you.

Topsail Island Homes for Sale and Real Estate
Topsail Island Homes for Sale and Real Estate
Topsail Island Homes for Sale and Real Estate

7 Bed(s) | 6 Total Bath(s) | 5,834 SqFt
R-15 Zoning | 35.09 Acre(s)
5 Bed(s) | 6 Total Bath(s) | 5,961 SqFt
5 Bed(s) | 5 Total Bath(s) | 4,832 SqFt
1 Story(s) | 8,307 SqFt
5 Bed(s) | 4 Total Bath(s) | 3,872 SqFt
9 Bed(s) | 8 Total Bath(s) | 5,273 SqFt
6 Bed(s) | 8 Total Bath(s) | 4,450 SqFt
7 Bed(s) | 7 Total Bath(s) | 4,154 SqFt
6 Bed(s) | 5 Total Bath(s) | 4,262 SqFt
5 Bed(s) | 6 Total Bath(s) | 4,950 SqFt
5 Bed(s) | 6 Total Bath(s) | 2,868 SqFt
4 Bed(s) | 3 Total Bath(s) | 2,971 SqFt
8 Bed(s) | 9 Total Bath(s) | 5,300 SqFt
6 Bed(s) | 4 Total Bath(s) | 2,839 SqFt
7 Bed(s) | 7 Total Bath(s) | 4,201 SqFt
7 Bed(s) | 6 Total Bath(s) | 4,831 SqFt
6 Bed(s) | 7 Total Bath(s) | 3,502 SqFt
7 Bed(s) | 7 Total Bath(s) | 4,212 SqFt
3 Bed(s) | 4 Total Bath(s) | 2,694 SqFt
1 Building(s) | 2 Unit(s)
1 Building(s) | 2 Unit(s)
3 Bed(s) | 1 Total Bath(s) | 1,941 SqFt
R-5 Zoning | 2.82 Acre(s)


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