Sea Coast Real Estate Academy

Sea Coast Real Estate Academy
There's no doubt about it:

Over the past decade, Southeastern North Carolina has experienced unprecedented growth and with that brings opportunities for much success in a real estate career. 

If being self-employed in an industry with so much potential is an attractive prospect, we'd like to help you decide if real estate is for you.  Different aspects of your personality, motivation, and abilities will directly relate to your success in real estate.  We have years of experience choosing the best and brightest sales associates and we can help you decide if your individual strengths are a good fit for a career in real estate. 

The first step toward beginning your career is to complete the designated courses designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a real estate agent. The Sea Coast Real Estate Academy offers the North Carolina Real Estate Commission's pre-licensing course, which candidates must complete before taking the state licensing examination. Classes are held several times each year in our training facility and are taught by state-certified instructors. 

For people interested in a career in real estate, the Sea Coast Real Estate Academy is a great place to start. Contact us today for schedules, costs, and other information about our classes at the Sea Coast Real Estate Academy.

If you have questions about classes or registration visit the Sea Coast Real Estate Academy Website or contact 

Alex Paen
Director of Business Development
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