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A Homeowner’s Toolbox

From the DIY master to the home-improvement laymen, there are some tools every homeowner should have!
Posted: July 10, 2019 by Megan Sexton

Claw Hammer

Pound in loose nails and remove errant ones, hang a picture or pry loose some molding, there are a hundred uses around the house for a standard hammer with a comfortable grip.


Screwdriver Set

A variety of flat and Philips head screw drivers will come in handy for years to come—invest in a set that comes with its own carrying case so you can always put your hands on the one you need in the moment.


Pliers Set

Needle nose pliers, combination pliers, and locking pliers each have their own unique purpose and really shouldn’t be used interchangeably, so you definitely need one of each.


Socket Wrench Set

A basic socket wrench set with a ratcheting handle will supply all the sizes you need to manipulate hex nuts and bolts and will make you feel like a DIY Rockstar when it comes to product assembly and repair.


Measuring Tape

Accurate measurements can mean the difference in proper placement of décor around the house and even whether or not that new piece of furniture will fit in the front door! Don’t rely on your estimation skills, just keep a sturdy measuring tape in your toolbox.



Even the best art-eye isn’t going to be as accurate as a good, old fashioned level.



A rechargeable flashlight that stays plugged in will always be there when you need it!


Utility Knife

 Also known as a box cutter, this handy tool is good for a lot more than opening packages from Amazon, and it’ll keep you from pillaging the kitchen drawers and ruining your paring knife.



Even if you’re not in the market to buy or sell a home right this minute, cultivating a good relationship with a great REALTOR® means you have a professional on your side to keep you apprised of market fluctuations, and put you in touch with the reliable vendors, craftsmen, and home-service pros every homeowner needs. Then, when you are ready to buy or sell, you’ve got a friend you trust to walk you through the process and have your best interests in mind every step of the way!

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