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Curb Appeal is Key!

Posted: June 27, 2019 by Megan Sexton

It’s the hottest time of year, and we don’t mean the climbing temperatures of Summertime in Southeastern North Carolina. Real estate season is in full swing and things are moving FAST! With everyone in such a hurry, it’s important to catch buyers’ eyes, and get them in the front door so they can fall in love with your home. if prospective buyers don’t like what they see when they drive by, they might not even bother to see what’s inside.

Selling a home requires much more than setting a price and putting up a yard sign. That’s why your Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage agent will likely have some suggestions for how you can spruce up your curb appeal to get every showing off on the right foot. If you’re preparing to sell your home, the following suggestions might just help get it SOLD!


Listen to your REALTOR®!

It’s easy to miss the subtle things that you look at every single day. Your agent knows how buyers think, and is looking at your home with fresh eyes, so make sure you take their curb appeal recommendations to heart!


Buy the Numbers

Dingy, rusty, and off-kilter numbers say “shabby” and “unkempt” to your buyers. Make your address sing with brand-new, bright and shiny house numbers. Same goes for your mailbox!


Act Like a Buyer

Get in your car and drive by slowly, take in what you see. Then park on the street out front and walk up. What would you think about if you were considering buying this home? For better or worse, what catches your eye?


Pressure Wash

Renting a pressure washer for the day is a cost-effective way to make a major impact on your curb appeal—your siding, deck, driveway, and walkways will all look much more appealing when they’re shining like brand-new.


Look UP

We look at our homes every day, so we tend to go a little blind to general wear and tear, especially above our eye line. Is your roof missing shingles? Does it need a good cleaning? You might not have noticed, but buyers will.


A Splash of Color

Happy, healthy flowers and well-groomed flowerbeds make a great impression, giving your home a lively, verdant touch. A few inexpensive annuals in containers and among your shrubbery will really make your curb appeal pop!


Edge Up

Just mowing the lawn isn’t enough. Make sure the edges of your walkways and flower beds look nice and neat. A carefully-maintained yard gives the impression that the home is equally well cared-for.


Your Front Door

Scuffed, chipped, and dingy front doors create a shabby first impression. It’s amazing how much a simple coat of paint on the door and frame can make the whole home look more inviting. Same goes for your shutters.


Clean Sweep

Check for cobwebs around your front-porch lighting fixtures. Arachnids’ favorite snacks are attracted to the lights, so it’s a great place for them to set up shop. While you’ve got the broom out, make sure there’s no dirt or leaf litter hiding in the corners of your porch either.


Wash Windows & Screens

The eyes are the window to the soul, and your windows are the eyes into your home! Shiny-clean windows make your whole home look brighter, inside and out.


If you're ready to list your home for sale, we have nearly 600 REALTORS® ready and willing to help you through the process, from curb appeal, to closing table!

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