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How Do You Know It's Time to Sell Your Home?

Posted: June 04, 2018 by Honor Rudd

Selling the place you and your family have been calling “home” is a big decision, with a lot of components to unpack (so to speak). These five concepts will help you contemplate whether now is the time.

You Have Equity

Home values continue to rise in our area, and many homeowners are finding themselves with positive equity, which means their homes are worth more than they owe. To ascertain how much equity you have in your home, you must first know your home’s value. The best way to estimate a realistic value for your home is to get a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) from a knowledgeable REALTOR®.

You Can Afford an Upgrade

If you made some compromises when you chose your current home, but as the years have gone by, your financial situation has improved, you might be able to fulfill more of your homeowner dreams in an upgraded property.

Your Home Size and Lifestyle Don’t Match

Does your growing family have your home feel like it’s shrinking? Or have your kids flown from the nest and left you with more space than you want or require? Either way, it’s time to look for something that better suits your needs.

Remodeling Won’t Offer ROI

Perhaps you’re tempted to invest in your current home, maybe build your own dream kitchen, or add on to create more space. But there is a lot to consider before making that investment. Our real estate experts at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage can look at comparable homes in your area and help you understand whether improvements will add to the ultimate value of your home. You may very well be better off putting those funds towards a home with the features you’re looking for.

You Have a REALTOR®

Working with a Sea Coast Advantage agent can make a difference in every single aspect of the home selling process. Our agents at Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage have the experience, the skills, and the resources to price your home competitively and the skills to market it properly.

Furthermore, they are prepared to handle things like scheduling showings, negotiating with buyers, managing paperwork, and getting you to the closing table with as little stress on you as possible. After all, our company mission is “to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals by providing extraordinary customer service in all of our markets.” As the largest, and best-selling real estate company in 4 counties, we list and sell more homes more often than any other real estate company in Southeast North Carolina.

So, are you ready to sell your home? If you’re on the fence, talking to a Sea Coast Advantage agent will certainly help you to clarify your options and aspirations. Remember, selling a house doesn’t mean losing your home--as REALTOR® Sherwood Strickland, from our Autumn Hall Office put it, “Home is made by the people and things inside it that bring you joy, so wherever you go you always have your Home with you.”  

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