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Tips for a More Organized Home

Posted: May 16, 2018 by Honor Rudd

Did you know that one of the most common stressors in American life is the organizational state of our homes? Clutter and disarray around the house lead to a substantial uptick in stress levels and have a majorly negative effect on our emotional state. At Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage, we don’t just want to find you a house, we want to see you settled into a blissful paradise that you call “Home!” That’s why we asked our agents for their best tips on how to keep up with the messes life sends our way:

"If you haven’t used it in 6 months, throw it away or sell it.  Pencil in on your calendar a monthly or quarterly purge of your fridge, pantry, closet, cabinets…"
"It helps to always keep a dedicated donation bin in a closet or the garage. When something outwears its use, or you just don't like it, toss it in the bin. When it's full, then you take it to Goodwill and start fresh. Helps you to quickly declutter into one spot!"
"The best way is not to keep clutter or items you have not used in years. Take the time each day to put things away, do your dishes, and pick up your house before bed, make your bed in the morning... even when you’re tired push yourself to complete your tasks each day. Otherwise it will build up overtime and it will feel like an impossible task to get it back to where it should be. Review your mail daily, recycle junk mail, donate magazines each month after you have read them, donate your books when your done reading them. If you buy a new item to replace an old one, donate it, instead of storing it."
"One of my girlfriends hosts a ‘sip and swap’ party every spring. The idea is to go through your closet/house while spring cleaning and gather anything you no longer wear/use and you can swap with your friends. Anything that is left over is donated to local charities and churches. I thought this was a really neat idea!"
--Jennifer BryantAutumn Hall Office

"Get rid of extra items in your home that you do not need.  At least once a year, check out the items that you have not used and give them to GoodWill, Salvation Army  or other organizations that will use them for helping others."
--Ginger HarperSouthport Office

"My favorite home closet organizing tip is to put all of your hanging clothes with the hanger backwards on the rod.  Once you've worn the item hang it with the hanger the regular way on the rod. Every couple of months look over what is still hanging backwards and decide if you need to keep it or can donate it because you are not wearing it."
--Dani LandersAutumn Hall Office 

"Put things back where you took them out of. That way they will always be where they are supposed to be!"
“Less is More!”
“Look at cleaning/organizing as a way to relax and a de-stress. The more organized/clean your surroundings are the more relaxed and efficient you become in general.” 
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