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Survival Tips for Living in a Staged Home

Posted: May 11, 2018 by Honor Rudd

If you are preparing to sell your home, get ready because your Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage agent will almost certainly mention the word “staging.”

Staging a home for sale means creating a space that your buyer can imagine as their own. That means that you need to remove yourself from the equation—it should still look like a warm and comfortable home, but without the personal photos, mementos and tchotchkes that identify it as your home.

But what if you’re still living there while it is listed for sale? We’ve got a few tips to help you keep that just-staged look going while your house is on the market.

Your Stuff

Storage ottomans and closed drawers are your friends when it comes to remote controls, coasters, toys and anything else your family uses daily. Have a dedicated spot in these hidden-away places for all the things-and-stuff that you would otherwise leave lying around. When it comes to décor, pack away anything smaller than a cantaloupe.

Your Bed

Make the bed every morning. This is a great habit to cultivate and a perfectly productive way to start your day. Who doesn’t love crawling into a nicely made bed at the end of the day?

The Kitchen

Countertops should be kept clear—assign a dedicated cabinet space for each appliance you can’t live without, and after you use it, put it up. Assign one set of plates, utensils and cups for each family member—After you eat, wash, dry, and put them away.


Our agents weighed in on the subject with some tips of their own:

“For kitchen and bathroom ‘stuff,’ keep a basket handy to quickly clear the countertops before showing.  For the last-minute pick up, grab a laundry basket, run around the house and throw any extras that don’t need to be laying around in the basket, throw it in your car trunk… BAM, you’re done!”

--Melanie Cameron, Autumn Hall Office

"Some of the worst clutter happens in the bathroom – toothpaste tubes, hairbrushes, hair ties, razors, etc. Keep a basket underneath the sink (or a covered one beside it). When a showing is scheduled, toss all the clutter into the basket or, even better, keep it in there the entire time the home is listed and pull out the entire basket when getting ready to go out. This will help keep the mess under control and all you’ll have to do is wipe down the sink with a ready-wipe before the showing."

--Meghan Riley, Autumn Hall Office

“Keep some nice towels cleaned and folded--when you have a showing throw all the kids’ stuff or clutter into the basket then place the neatly folded towels on top”

--Kathy Bush, Midtown Office

“Having your coffee maker in the cabinet may be an inconvenience, but I would much rather be inconvenienced for the next week and get it under contract rather than continue showings for months. You need to recognize that these little things make a big difference; you need to put your best foot forward.”

--Tom GaleAutumn Hall Office







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