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Valentine's in Southeastern NC

Our Favorite Spots for a Valentine's Day to Remember
Posted: February 09, 2018 by Honor Rudd

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and here in Southeastern North Carolina, we are blessed to be surrounded with countless opportunities for a perfectly romantic day or night. We asked our agents and staff to tell us their favorite spot to take a sweetheart for a Valentine’s to remember. 

“There's something special to us about Fort Fisher. Not just the beach, but to walk through those trees and catch the rays of light on your sweetheart's face....Nothing like it”Sherwood Strickland

“We LOVE to go to the south end of Topsail Beach, maybe walk the point, if day time. Look for dolphins, sea glass, etc. then end up at the Beach Shop Grill in Topsail Beach for dinner, and lastly (Brians fave) walk out onto the pier over the ocean. There is also an old fashion roller rink out there too!”Rebecca Moxey

“River walk downtown and stopping here and there for drinks and little bits of nibbles.”Darlene Parrow

Parsons Table Restaurant in Little River”Kibbi Rieber

“If it is a pretty day, take the boat to Masonboro and have a big bonfire and bottle of wine.”Barbara Pugh

“We love to take a sunset cruise on the boat. Anchor up in a bay off the Intracoastal Waterway with Masonboro Island in the background. Take a prepared picnic, a nice bottle of wine & watch the birds play in the marsh grass. Very relaxing!”Melissa Dunn

“There’s just nothing like a day on the water. If you don’t have your own boat, you can still spend a few lovely hours sailing the local waterways with a charter like Sail Ava Grace out of Carolina Beach.”Mary Blake

“Well I bring my four-legged boyfriend wherever the wind takes us, because there is nothing like a new adventure to make special memories.”Shanon Ives 

"Kayaking over to Zeke's Island from Ft. Fisher or taking the boat to a hideaway creek off Topsail Island with our cocktail travel set and cooler of food to fish and float by the moon light." –Jodi Crumpler

Crossfire Indoor Paintball, because there’s nothing like a paintball to the thigh area that says, ‘I love you, but put your clothes IN the hamper, not BESIDE it,’ and, ‘Yes, that was the toddler up at 2am while you were snoring.’”Meghan Riley

“I recently wandered around Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson on a photo trip at the recommendation of our Leland Office when asked for can’t-miss spots in their market. History buffs, nature lovers, and simple appreciators of peace and quiet would absolutely adore this place. A pre-Revolutionary port on the Cape Fear River, it features earthworks that were once part of the Confederate fort as well as stone and brick structures dating back to the mid-1700s. But, to me, the real gem at Brunswick Town is the network of trails that wind around the earthworks, past a number of outdoor exhibits, and along the Cape Fear’s shore. There’s this one spot overlooking the river’s edge where a huge live oak overarches the trail with sprawling limbs dripping with Spanish moss and extending over the water. It’s positively magical. There’s a bench around the trunk of the gnarled tree where I could’ve sat for hours in the dappled shade.”Honor Rudd

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway for you and your sweetheart, or just a place to get away, the Cape Fear region is rife with possibilities for a Valentine's Day to remember. 

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