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Appeal to Buyers Without Breaking the Bank
Posted: January 24, 2018 by Honor Rudd

When it comes to listing your home for sale, you may be curious what you can do to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. We asked our agents for their best tips on upgrades you can make around the house that don’t require a major investment of time or funds, but will help buyers see what you see—a place to call Home. 

“Look at the details around cabinets, sinks, tile, bathroom tubs and showers. Caulk will make your space look fresh and not aged. Look at your crown molding as well, small separations in corners are all due to mitering errors and a small bead of caulk will bring it all together. Power wash sidewalks, walkways and patios to remove mold and algae and make everything bright and fresh.”Heather Shargo

“One word – PAINT!  It’s the cheapest way to make the biggest impact.  Paint makes everything look new, and fresh and clean.  Also, remove clutter.  Anything smaller than a cantaloupe, consider packing it up.  Small items are a distraction in pictures and for buyers.  Take pictures of your rooms and look at them… what’s distracting or needs to be removed?  Look at your home from a buyer’s point of view.”Melanie Cameron

“A fresh coat of paint on the front door and/or shutters for that first impression driving up. If you can afford to do so, a fresh coat of paint on the rooms you immediately see as you open the door. You only have a minute or less to make that first impression GREAT!”Barbara Andrews

“Pressure wash and clean up the yard! Lots of buyers will simply ride by the house and look at it from the outside to see if they even want to see the inside. Curb appeal makes a big difference.”Christina Asbury

“Clean like you’ve never cleaned before! A sparkling home makes a great first impression & lets buyers know your home is well maintained.”Melissa Dunn

“De-clutter, paint, carpet cleaning or replacement if necessary and clean the entire house. If the interior is not a problem then spruce up the outside for more curb appeal with flowering shrubs and fresh mulch.”Tara English

“A new mailbox.”Lottie Koenig

“Front entrance/door/porch. Paint door, new light fixtures, flowers or plants, welcome mat.”Terry Thompkins

“Don't forget to clean the fan blades and replace lights that are not working.”Tamera Davis

“Replace old, chipped or plain bathroom mirrors with framed decorative ones. It gives the room an upgraded look and is fairly inexpensive to do.”Kim Mullis

“Curb appeal is a buyer’s 1st impression. Clean up yard debris, trim bushes/trees, gutters and plant some flowers for an easy pop. Make sure it’s easy for buyers to see the home as well as enter it.” –Debbie Williams

“Clean and spruce up the front door and mailbox. First impressions while opening up the lockbox.”Catherine Lea

“Replace outdated lighting fixtures and/or fans. A simple way to give a more up to date look.”Karen Schwartz

“Professionally clean.”Tracy Lewchuk

“Declutter! Clean! Paint!”Tom O’Laughlin

“New door and cabinet hardware, along with updated kitchen and bathroom faucets can change a room and it’s a very inexpensive update.”Amy Helm

“Power wash your fence, driveway and front steps. Make sure fence's gate mechanisms are sound & work as they should. No driveway? Use an edger, refill stones, pretty it up. Paint front steps, doorframe, if needed. Put up new house numbers. Keep pleasant (no floral or pine) air fresheners active, if needed (dogs? cats? weird odors?). If home is occupied, bake a pan of cookies or a pie before a big showing - makes home smell & feel homey. Put away toothbrushes & all personal hygiene items & products, if possible. Keep toilet lids down. If trash cans are on display in kitchen & baths, do not look new, buy new ones”Peggy Groneman

“Declutter, clean from top to bottom inside and out, fix/repair eyesores. Shine like brand new!”Cheri Prince

“Fresh pops of colors around the house. Throw pillows and throws, fresh flowers.”Darlene Parrow

“Make the front of your home look fabulous! While the real estate agent is getting the key from the lock box the buyers are looking around carefully. Weeding, landscaping, fresh blooming flowers in pots, sparkling windows, cleaned gutters, painted door frames and no spider or wasp nests!”Karen Coyle

Our real estate professionals agree, first impressions are absolutely key. Curb appeal and a fresh, clean space go a long, long way towards making a house feel like Home!

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