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Habitat for Humanity Wall Raising

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage's 6th Habitat Build Is Well Under Way Now!
Posted: January 20, 2017 at 12:00 AM by Honor Rudd

Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage hit the ground running with a Wall Raising Ceremony on January 14 for its 6th Habitat for Humanity Build. Sea Coast staff and agents, along with colleagues from Coldwell Banker Commercial Suncoast, and other Habitat volunteers will be working every weekend until the build is complete.

Lynne Wooten, Director of Development for Cape Fear Habit for Humanity welcomed attendees and press to the ceremony and introduced Samantha, the soon-to-be homeowner, who donned a makeshift masking tape name tag which read “This is MY House” and a contagious smile. Wooten discussed how Habitat builds work, noting that Habit for Humanity homes are far from free, and that program participants are not only responsible for the down payment on the home, but principle and insurance payments as well. Participants must also work on other Habitat home sites for a set number of hours.

Following Wooten, Cape Fear Habitat Executive Director, Steve Spain, thanked Sea Coast and SunCoast for their contribution of financial support and volunteer hours. “I don’t know who knows more about bringing people together with houses than Coldwell Banker,” said Spain, before passing the metaphorical mic to Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage REALTOR® and Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo.

Mayor Saffo exclaimed “I didn’t come out here to talk, I came here to work!” which was met with appreciative laughter from the gathered crowd. He went on to briefly discuss the “North Forth” neighborhood and the fact that when we see this kind of growth in this kind of community, people often get left behind in favor of bars, restaurants and other businesses. He explained that this build, and others on the same block, make a real difference, and not just in the lives of the new homeowners. “I love to see neighborhoods reenergized,” he said.

Next to speak was Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage President, Tim Milam. “People often ask what I’m most proud of with our company,” Milam said, “It’s the people. Our motto is to do something nice for someone every week, and our people do. They do this and so much more.”

“Tim practices what he preaches,” said Spain, “he’s a supporter of the community and Habitat and we truly appreciate it.”

Next, Grayson Powell, Coldwell Banker Commercial SunCoast President, explained that he was “humbled and honored” for SunCoast to be involved with this build. To Samantha he said, “thank you for letting us be part of this for you.”

Samantha spoke mostly of her daughters, of their joy to be anywhere as long as they are together with their mother, and said that this house, and everything else she does is always, first and foremost, for them. She thanked her friends for the support that has helped her get to this point, and the volunteers for lending a hand. She then introduced Deaconess Marietta Hammond, of Union Missionary Baptist Chruch, whom she credits with helping keep her girls, and even herself, “in line.” “God had already ordained this day,” said Hammond, “but [Samantha] had to walk the walk and do the work.” And she has.

Stay tuned for updates as the build continues! We can’t wait to watch Samantha start a new life for her family in the finished product! 

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