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Luxury Living in Wilmington North Carolina

Posted: June 10, 2016 by Kathy Alexander

One of the best things about living in Wilmington is the ability to find a home in virtually any price range. While you can own a fixer-upper for as little as $20,000-40,000, the average home price for a move-in ready pad in Wilmington is just $128,400. But Wilmington isn't just for those on a budget -- the area is teeming with luxury homes, featuring nearly any amenity you could dream of.

The Character of Wilmington

Wilmington, at a glance, has nearly everything you could want in a town. Ranked as one of RelocateAmerica's top 100 places to live, Wilmington is home to a lively arts scene, as well as a thriving academic and outdoor culture. From Civil War historical sites to beach, golfing and surf opportunities, the Wilmington area is large on small town charm with all the advantages of big city living.

Wilmington proper is home to 116,000 people, primarily employed in white-collar jobs like sales, marketing and office work. Culturally diverse and welcoming, North Carolina is ranked by MSN Real Estate as one of the top locales for first-time buyers, along with Utah and Texas. Whether you're looking to set down permanent roots or invest in a vacation getaway, the housing market in Wilmington is strong and predicted to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Luxury in Any Location

Whether you prefer quiet, beachfront living or the bustle and accessibility of downtown, Wilmington offers luxury homes in nearly every part of the city. Some areas are more expensive than others, by virtue of location or the housing market, but you can still find exquisitely designed homes with expansive square footage all across Wilmington, North Carolina. Working with a realtor, you can easily narrow down your search based on prerequisites like which part of the city you prefer, price range, square footage and bathroom or bedroom requirements.

Figure Eight Island

If five miles of white sand beaches and the quiet bliss afforded by an isolated, waterfront community sounds right for you, Figure Eight Island is a location you should consider. With no commercial developments whatsoever, the island is only accessible by boat or via the bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway.

Luxury on Figure Eight Island in Wilmington means exclusivity: only 475 homes exist on the 1,300-acre island, and the prices reflect that. With active listings starting just under $2,000,000 all the way up to nearly $6,000,000, the homes on Figure Eight Island are as full of character as the city of Wilmington itself.

Whether you prefer your beachfront getaway to look like an island bungalow, a sprawling Southern mansion or a modern marvel of architecture, Figure Eight Island has it all. Most homes average 6,500 square feet and sit on half an acre to an acre of land, giving you plenty of space to sprawl out and enjoy life.


If security and community are your top priorities while seeking luxury housing in Wilmington, the community of Landfall can't be topped. Encompassing 2,200 acres, this controlled-access community has just over 2,000 homes situated right on the Wilmington coast. With its own private golf course, community club and amenities available only to residents of the development, Landfall is a prime spot for luxury buyers.

Situated just across the Intracoastal Waterway from Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, Landfall homes range in style from French Country revival to West Indies-inspired masterpieces. Homeowners can really let their aesthetic preferences shine in this private, park-like community.

With housing prices averaging $600,000 for smaller, 2,000-3,000 square foot homes, luxury buyers can invest up to $5,000,000 for an average of 7,000 square feet situated on anywhere from a half acre to an acre and a half in this gated community.

Downtown Wilmington

Owning a piece of history is a dream for some, and it can be a dream come true in downtown Wilmington. A home in the historic district can run up to $700,000 for approximately 4,000 square feet and 3-4 bedrooms. Homes in the historic district maintain some of their original features and exteriors, while most have been upgraded to include modern amenities including central air, whirlpool tubs and kitchens that would make professional chefs green with envy.

Owning a home in the historic district comes with responsibilities, including maintaining the existing aesthetic of the building. If you'd rather let your own personality shine, though, there are plenty of homes in the downtown district that are designed to appeal to a more modern eye. From 5 bedroom homes that evoke the character of New York City to sprawling plantation-style buildings on the waterfront, downtown Wilmington has something for everyone. With median home prices in the $500,000-600,000 range, buyers with a little extra capital can invest up to $2,000,000 in their new digs.

Buying a Luxury Home in Wilmington

Wilmington is indisputably a city with luxury to spare. What would be a paltry sum to spend in other cities on the East Coast can buy first class amenities in the Wilmington area. Finding the right home to meet your needs and tastes is easiest when you work with a Realtor, allowing you to find the perfect spot to call your own. 

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