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Top 10 Items All Beach Home Owners Need

Its Never Too Early To Find The Perfect Beach House
Posted: January 21, 2016 by Kathy Alexander

Some people invest in seafront condominiums or cottages, renting them out in season – enjoying their own vacations in spring, fall or even winter. Then, there are those who decide that the coast is where they want to live, year-round. After all, a beach home is a very special piece of real estate.

If you are lucky enough to own and live in such a space, then you probably put a great deal of time and effort into ensuring it’s perfect. To assist in your efforts, here are – in no particular order – several amenities and necessities every beach home needs.

Mud RoomMud/Sand Room

One of the best parts of beach living is that everyone in the family is outside most of the time, which naturally leads to muddy or sandy feet, boots, flip flops, towels and wet bathing suits. The best way to avoid having the bulk of this damp, sandy mess spread throughout your home is by creating a mud room – or more appropriately – a sand room, complete with plenty of hooks, a comfortable bench and several storage cupboards and baskets. A little creativity can transform any small area near the busiest door in the house into a charming and highly useful mud room. 

Outdoor Storage

Every beach home needs a secure outdoor storage area for all those beach toys, fishing equipment, outdoor furniture and other items. Storms, accompanied by strong winds, can blow up at any moment, no matter the season, and securing your possessions helps to prevent theft if you leave your home vacant for extended periods.

Indoor Entertainment

Stocking up on plenty of indoor amusements may seem counterproductive when there’s a variety of natural outdoor fun a few steps away, but there are always days during which the beach is off limits, whether due to a seasonal cold snap, a summer storm or even a lingering cold. Whatever the case, some board games, a deck of cards, a pool table or a bookcase full of great reads can do wonders in keeping bored children – and adults – entertained until the weather clears.

Fire Pit

While beach bonfires are considered a rite of passage in many areas, not every coastal community allows them. Besides, why bother when you can make your own property the place to be with a natural sand and stone fire pit? Not only will it keep you warm when the sea air grows cooler at night or during seasonal changes, a fire pit can pull double duty as a great place for roasting marshmallows or putting on a seafood feast.

Outdoor Shower

If your beach home is not already equipped with an external shower, definitely consider getting one installed. A shower can be as simple as a basic showerhead attached to an outdoor spigot to a completely enclosed and luxurious outdoor spa-like shower, complete with fluffy towels, a comfortable changing area and bathing necessities. Hot, sand-covered bodies of all ages will appreciate a cool or invigorating shower after a day on the beach.


Even at the beach, you can't totally avoid technological innovations – especially if you work from your home. In addition to such must-haves as computers, digital entertainment and internet access, today’s homeowners want it all when it comes to technology. From remote-controlled fireplaces to high tech home automation systems, the level of technology you want in your beach home is available.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you grill more than a couple of times a week from spring through fall – and if you love outdoor dining and entertaining, you probably need an outdoor kitchen. At the very least, a natural stone countertop for food prep and conveniences such as closed storage, a refrigerator, sink, and one or two separate side burners on the grill will greatly enhance the outdoor experience. If you wish to include an outdoor bar area in your plans, don’t forget several comfortable stools when choosing your deck or patio furnishings.

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Outdoor Furniture

Whether or not you enjoy outdoor entertaining, make the most of your seaside space with furniture that complements your favorite activities. Consider creating a comfortable seating arrangement around a fire pit for evenings or choose a traditional dining table for family dinners. On the other hand, if you plan to host a beachfront bash every weekend, a large outdoor sectional or a scattering of chairs surrounding low tables can accommodate a crowd.

Sensible Flooring

While the weather along the coast can change in minutes, there is always plenty of humidity near the sea. If you’ve purchased an older home or just want to remodel, remember to choose flooring that’s appropriate for your location. Wood floors are always a good idea – they’re classic, inviting and easily maintained (especially when it comes to sand removal). A cooler, but equally maintainable option is to install porcelain or ceramic tiles. While not as “cozy” as wood floors, they’re durable and practical.

Living on the beach doesn’t necessarily mean living without the homey comfort of carpets, though. Consider scattering several area rugs on your beautiful wood or tile flooring instead of opting for wall-to-wall carpeting. Area rugs are far easier to clean than carpeting, which can quickly turn musty due to the humidity. 

Shady Spots

Even the most devoted sun worshippers welcome a little shade, and providing a comfortable area shaded by umbrellas or retractable awnings can actually enhance your patio or deck. Your outdoor area will feel more like a private oasis if it has a sense of enclosure by including some latticework planted with flowering vines, mature trees and bushes or living fences.

Its always a good time to look for beach and waterfront property. Just keep some of these items in mind to avoid any regrets after the purchase.

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