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Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Part II

Posted: December 20, 2010 by Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage

Now that you have established the need to eliminate clutter in your house, it is time to dive in. Don't forget to have a photo of your Wilmington NC or Jacksonville NC new home for inspiration, because you may need it as you approach the challenging task ahead.

Kitchen Clutter

The kitchen is a good place to start removing clutter, because it is an easy starting point. First, take everything off the counters. Everything. Even the toaster. Put the toaster in a cabinet and only take it out when you use it. Clean out unused items from your cabinets and put them in storage until you move into your new home.

Most likely, potential homebuyers will open all your cabinets and drawers, especially in the kitchen. They want to be sure there is enough room for their "stuff." If your kitchen cabinets, pantries, and drawers are jammed full, it sends a negative message to the buyer.

If you have a large amount of food and snacks crammed onto shelves or in the pantry, begin using them - especially canned goods. Canned goods are heavy and you don't want to be lugging them to your Jacksonville NC real estate - or paying a mover to do so. Let what you have on the shelves determine your menus and use up as much as you can.

Closet Clutter

Closets are notorious for accumulating mounds of clutter and sometimes it happens without you even being aware of it. Extra clothes, shoes, coats, hats and gloves - things you rarely wear but couldn't bear to part with. Store these items away while you are trying to sell, potential buyers will be distracted from the true beauty of your home.

Furniture Clutter

People sometimes tend to have too much furniture in certain rooms. While it may not be too much for your own needs, it may be too much to give the illusion of an open and inviting space a homebuyer hopes to see. You may want to tour some builders' models to see how they place furniture in the model homes.

Storage Area Clutter

Basements, garages, attics, and sheds accumulate not only clutter, but junk. These areas should be as empty as possible so that a potential buyer can imagine what they could do with the space. Remove anything that is not essential and take it to storage or have a garage sale.

Once you remove the clutter from your house, you are free to focus on fixing up the interior of your home. Subscribe to our Sea Coast Realty blog so you can be the first to read "Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Part III."

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