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Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Part III

Posted: December 27, 2010 by Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage

Once you remove the clutter from your home you may realize your home needs some minor fixes to help it reach its full potential. When you move into your new Jacksonville NC real estate, you will be happy you made those few small fixes that helped you sell your house.

Plumbing and Fixtures

All your sink fixtures should look shiny and new. If this cannot be accomplished by cleaning, buy new ones where needed. Make sure all the hot and cold water knobs are easy to turn and that the faucets do not leak. If they do, replace the washers. This is a simple way to help showcase your home more effectively.

Check to make sure you have strong water pressure and that there are no stains on any of the porcelain. If you have a difficult stain to remove, one trick is to hire a cleaning crew to go through and clean your home. For just a little cash you can save yourself a lot of effort.

Ceilings, Walls and Painting

Check all your ceilings for water stains. Sometimes old leaks leave stains, even after you have repaired the leak. Of course, if you do have a leak, you will have to get it repaired before you sell.

Painting can be your best investment when selling a home. It is not very expensive and often you can do it yourself.  White or off-white are the safest and most widely used colors. They also can help make your room look more spacious. Keep that in mind when decorating your Wilmington NC new home.

Carpet and Flooring

Unless your carpet appears old and worn, or it is definitely an outdated style or color, you probably should do nothing more than hire a good carpet cleaner.

Repair or replace broken floor tiles, but try to do it in an affordable manner. Your goal is simply to leave as few negative impressions on potential buyers as possible.

Windows and Doors

Check all of your windows to make sure they open and close easily. If not, a spray of WD40 often helps. Make sure there are no cracked or broken windowpanes. If there are, replace them before you begin showing your home.

Do the same things with the doors - make sure they open and close properly, without creaking. If they do, a shot of WD40 on the hinges usually makes the creak go away. Be sure the doorknobs turn easily, and that they are cleaned and polished.

Odor Control

Pets of all kinds create odors that you may have become used to, but are immediately noticeable to those with more finely tuned olfactory senses. For those with cats, be sure to empty kitty litter boxes daily. There are also products that you can sprinkle in a layer below the kitty litter that helps to control odor.

Costs of Repairs

Avoid doing anything expensive, such as remodeling. If possible, use savings to pay for any repairs and improvements - do not go charging up credit cards or obtaining new loans. Remember that part of selling a house is also preparing to buy your next home. You do not want to do anything that will affect your credit scores or hurt your ability to qualify for your next mortgage.

Once you fix up the inside of your house it is time to turn your sights outdoors. Subscribe to our Sea Coast Realty blog so you can be the first to read "Getting Your House Ready to Sell: Part IV."

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