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Why Home Buyers Don’t Like Your Pets

Posted: April 29, 2011 by Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage

While you may think your dog or cat is the cutest, most well-behaved pet on the planet, you can bet the home-buyer that comes to check out your house, will not. So if you want to get the most money for your house, pay attention to how much you might lose if you have a dog or cat living with you.

This may be hard to hear, but the best way to avoid any negative feelings toward your home is to remove your pet while your home is on the market. Whether you ask a friend to adopt them temporarily or board them at a kennel, keeping them away from your home is the best way to avoid losing buyers.

Some of the other additional steps you should take when trying to get your house ready to sell include:

    • Remove litter boxes and potty pads. By removing any negative reminders that a pet lived in the home, buyers will be much more receptive.
    • Hire professionals to deep clean your carpets. While there may not be any visible sign of stains, by deep cleaning your carpets you can remove any deep-rooted stains or smells from your home.
    • Have someone do a smell test. Ask a neighbor or friend to perform a quick smell test on your home. If you have any foul odors, they need to be removed before you try to sell.
    • Clean, clean, clean. Remove all chew toys, pet hair, and pet photos. Also, seal up any doggie doors before you try to sell.

It may seem painful to remove Fido from your home temporarily, but knowing that keeping him there could potentially stop you from selling your home should help you make the right decision. Once your home is sold and you move into your new Jacksonville, NC real estate, your pet will feel right at home all over again.

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