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Corinne Smith

110 Dungannon Blvd., Suite 100
Wilmington, NC 28403
(910) 799-3435
(910) 322-5168
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110 Dungannon Blvd., Suite 100, Wilmington, NC 28403
 Broker for Coldwell Banker Advantage, Team Elite, The role of a Real Estate Agent is to guide you through the Buying, Selling or relocating process, taking time to make sure you understand all transactions. My commitment to your satisfaction is the foundation from which a solid business relationship is built. Whether your Buying or Selling, I am here to assist! 
Corinne Smith

What my clients are saying (36)

12/16/2016 - user4510849

Patient, knowledgeable, professionaly persistent. My wife and I had no prior house buying experience. We honestly had no clue how to navigate this complex process. Corrine, no matter the time we called, would ensure we understood this process and we were comfortable. As for negotiation, she gave is straight forward opinions and recommendations, putting us first. Most importantly, her professional knowledge is extensive. I can wholly say, without a doubt, she is YOUR realtor of choice (especially for first time buyers).

11/10/2016 - Chandra Limpert

Can't say enough good things about my experience with Corinne! I was hesitant buying a house from across the country, in an area I wasn't familiar with, but she made the process smooth and gave me her honest opinion about good areas to buy. The first weekend I came down to NC to look at houses, she blocked out two whole days to drive me all over the Fort Bragg area, showing me houses I'd sent her previously, as well as similar ones she thought I would like. Referred me to a great lender and was able to negotiate with the builder of our house to include our blinds.

Recently I was back in the area for our closing, and again, she blocked out a couple days to be available to drive me to meet with fencing people, appliance people, etc. Since I'm not moving down for another couple weeks, she was willing to keep a key so she can swing by our new house occasionally to check in on things and bring in any mail that may be coming. She certainly has gone above and beyond to help me find a house that my husband and I will love!

10/08/2016 - audi banks

1. Has already extremely high rating
2. She texts! And replies fast! Genius!
3. Has a network of all sorts of highly rated occupational specialties (plumbers, etc.)
4. Ridiculously polite!
5. Bends over backwards for her clients.
6. Very knowledgeable about home repairs, specs, and conditions about inspections.

Corinne Smith is by far the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of connecting with.

I started looking for a home in Fayetteville on Zillow about a month before I was due to move. I contacted a random agent named Stephanie Grimsley, told her I wanted to look at some houses. She told me she was booked and wouldn't be able to schedule me for a few days. I told her that I would continue looking for a realtor, to which she told me ALL other realtors will be just as busy.

Fate somehow connected me with Corrine, who not only bends over backwards to help the client out, but she FACETIMED the homes I was interested in, because I was not local. If that's not SUPERB customer service, I don't know what is.

I used to have to email realtors and would get responses on a day or so, but with Corrine, she replies to my texts almost IMMEDIATELY.

Hands down the best realtor in realty.

07/16/2016 - Andre Hutchinson

My husband and I are first time home buyers and have been working with Corinne and she is AMAZING! We were looking for a place with a nice backyard that would get me a little close to law school while keeping my husband close to Bragg! Believe me when I say that NOONE works harder than Corinne! She is not the kind of agent to just sell you into anything! She is incredibly knowledgeable and gives you all of the details, even things you may not think to ask! She waited for me to be available by phone before beginning a meeting with my husband and didn't forget to ask me what questions I had! She has been extremely instrumental, genuinely caring, and I wouldn't choose anyone else to help us with this process! It makes me so happy to see that many others on this review site also acknowledge Corinne's work ethic and service to her clients! On a final note, I will say that I remember my father in law talking to Corinne briefly about a small issue with a recent home purchase from another agent. Corinne, having nothing to do with that sale, gave her business card to him and seemed willing to help! I thought to myself wow!!! We were already sold on this house, and Corinne was still willing to go above and beyond to see what she could do for another! This woman is great great great!!!

04/22/2016 - Rob Mixon

Corinne Smith made the process of buying a house as least stressful as possible. She was not pushy at all and did not mind showing us houses at all hours of the day and on weekends. She responded to my texts and questions all the time and sought out information she didn't know in an expedient manner. I am really impressed with her knowledge, expertise, and warm personal skills. I will constantly recommend her to people I run into looking for homes.

11/10/2015 - jfpeedin

This transaction is still in process but I have worked with Corinne on several occasions and she is successful and professional both individually and as a mentor to her agents.

06/20/2015 - user86451161

Corrine, was amazing to work with. I contacted her and she got in touch with me the same day. The next day she already had the property ready for me to look at. I signed and got my keys a month later. I have never purchased a brand new home and she was wonderful at guiding me through the whole process. She contacted me everyday until my keys were in hand. I would recommend her to everyone, especially first time buyers.

It was a pleasure working with you :) Thank you sooo much for the kind words. I am ready to come visit!! Let me know when. :)Thanks,Corinne

05/16/2015 - Nicoya 1

I had a fantastic experience having Corinne as my realtor. She was very responsive, helpful, knowledgeable, and never had issues assisting me during my entire home buying process. I would and will recommend her to assist anyone in the market to sell or purchase a home.

05/14/2015 - jamiec43

The 5-star rating does not do Corinne justice. Not only is she extremely knowledgable in her profession, she is a genuinely nice and honest person. She made the process of buying our first home a breeze. Her response time to our (thousands of) questions was impeccable. I would highly recommend Corinne to anyone in the Fayetteville area, you would be lucky to have her on your side. I give her 10 stars!

We walked away from this process with a perfect, beautiful home and a good friend.

05/14/2015 - lsiracusa6

Corinne was great to work with. She made everything so easy for me while my husband was away. Any questions I had she responded to. We love our new home.

05/08/2015 - tinathomas 1990

I'm not one to speak badly about anyone, but this is the only exception! I don't want anyone else to experience what I experienced with this agent. First off, we scheduled a date to view a property within four days, and she notified me through TEXT MESSAGE the a three hours before the viewing that the house was already under contract. She knew that I wanted the property yet she didn't even tell me what was needed to be done in order to get this house under contract in the first place. Now going back to day that I had to take off - if she would've told me a day beforehand, I could've went to work, but no, she insisted in waiting the same day of the viewing to tell me this!? Very unprofessional! I tried to get back in contact with her and she never emailed me back or return any of my missed calls. Beware! But, on a happy note I hired an agent in Sanford, NC. He's reliable, and he puts his customers and business first. At least I wasn't stuck with her, by the time I'd get a house of my own I'd be old and in a wheelchair.

I never met this person, I felt it was important to let the customer know home was under contract. It was not my Listing. If you look at all my reviews, they are all above board. My Real Estate practice is ran by the Golden Rule, I didn't become the Top Agent in Sales and Listings in the Fayetteville, Harnett, Hoke and Moore County by not giving my clients top priority. I work hard at what I do, this is an unfair post and do not appreciate it. I am glad you are happy with your Realtor, I wish you well.Thanks,Corinne Smith

03/30/2015 - zuser20140917175751774

Corinne Smith is the best of the best in her professional career as a top rated real estate agent. Her performance and high degree of professionalism is second to none on all sides of expected services from a real estate agent. Our experience as first time home buyers was superb from selection of our home to turning the keys as a result of her tireless efforts. Her knowledge, skills and abilities are top notch and imperative in all aspects of the real estate profession. We were exceedingly satisfied with all her assistance in our home buying process.

02/02/2015 - user90693952

She was extremely helpful and a joy to work with. When we had any problems arise she would take care of them quickly and professionally. We had some ideas on improvements that we wanted done and she made sure that our requests were taken care of. I was a pleasure to work through the process with Corinne. She had some ideas about improvements that we had not thought of and we used them to improve our home. I have no doubt that if you use her services that you will not be disappointed. If ever sell my current house I will ask Corinne to help us out and I will have no doubt that I will get whatever I ask for the price. She is a pleasure to work with because of her cheery and upbeat attitude. Again I highly recommend you pick Corinne to help you take care of all your needs.

01/21/2015 - Jorge Musalem

My wife and I worked recently moved to the Fayetteville, NC area and were looking for a house. Corinne was extremely helpful in guiding us to find the right house for our needs.

She is the most responsive Realtor I have worked with, replying to emails as late as midnight on workdays. She has great knowledge of the area and good connections with all the local builders.

I would highly recommend anyone to work with her if you are looking for homes in the area.

08/16/2014 - Chelsea Bush

Imagine this: One of your buyers isn't available M-F 4 A.M. to 7 P.M. and the other one of your buyers works two states away and is gone two weeks out of every month. Now, add a one month turn around to find them a home and close! If this doesn't sound difficult, let me assure you... it is. Corinne accomplished this and SO much more. She exceeded every expectation we had as home buyers. Any issue that arose, she took care of it. She handled every situation that was thrown her way. She was on our side as home buyers throughout the entire process and we appreciate her efforts on so many levels. Without any question, we would not be in our home today had we not been working with Corinne. I don’t believe we could have found anyone else to get us through some of the situations we went through with Corinne. We would absolutely, undoubtedly recommends Corinne for your Real Estate needs.

07/02/2014 - user7299341

Corinne was fantastic. She made the home buying process enjoyable was always there to help. She explained everything about the process thoroughly and eased my mind. I would recommend her highly!

05/31/2014 - user0131298

Corinne is absolutely amazing! I just closed on my house yesterday and could not be happier. She was always available to answer any questions I had and no matter what she always gave her honest opinion which truly made me trust her that much more. This was my first home purchase and she made me feel so very comfortable with the whole process. If I sell/buy again down the road, she will be the first person I call.

Thank you sooo much!!! It was a pleasure working with you!! :-)Carolina Lakes, a great place to live!! Congrats!Corinne Smith

03/06/2014 - trista carr86

Currently working with Corinne on the close of my first home. It doesn't matter what time of day or night I contact her, she will reply (if she's awake). She truly has my best interests in mind and acts on those interests. She respects my decisions, even if they aren't what she initially recommended and she fully supports those decisions without any hesitation. She is very knowledgeable and offers suggestions and recommendations both in home type, as well as in terms of the contract. She is not in this for her benefit!! She is more concerned with the customer's happiness in their decision (because after all, this is a HUGE decision and a lifelong commitment), than her own personal gain and that care is evident in numerous ways throughout our working together.

When I first started house hunting back in Oct/Nov 2013, a home online had a button for contacting an agent. I hit several of those for homes I was interested in and Corinne contacted me within seconds after hitting that button for one of her listings. I ended up stepping off of the market for a couple months without any serious searching or viewing and not making any decisions before coming back in Jan 2014. In January, I started browsing and hit a few of those buttons again for different homes when I found one with Corinne listed as the agent. I immediately shot her a text and even though we didn't work much together previously (I was more interested in a for-sale-by-owner home), she still remembered exactly who I was and we began discussing what homes I would like to see. I worked with a total of three or four agents but as soon as I found out that Corinne could literally show me ANY home, even if it weren't her listing, I cut the other agents out. Something about Corinne brought me back to her and pushed me to work with her. Whatever that something was/is, it's the best decision I ever made!

Working with Corinne is not only fun and exciting, but it takes a lot of worry and fear out of the process (for a first-time home buyer). I highly recommend her if you are looking to buy a home! I'm confident that she is equally as talented if you need to sell your home and use her as your listing/seller agent.

07/10/2013 - user6794369

Wonderful agent all and all! I had a small window of time to look for house and Corrine expertly helped me to locate and close one out in a timely manner. Could not ask for a better agent.

05/23/2013 - user12064887

I find Corinne , personable, honest and has bent over backwards to assist me with my relocating NC. Corinne has patience and has worked with me for years. In addition, Corinne has made her self available at all times and remains a professional in her field.

04/16/2013 - htownsfinest2

Corrine is an excellent agent. She kept in contact with me throughout the entire process of buying our first home. We flew out to see houses, and even after we selected a house, she continued to show us more homes to make sure we exhaust every option. My wife is flying out to do the closing and Corrine is providing "taxi services" for the entire trip. I can't say enough about how awesome she is. If you're buying a home in NC, Corrine is the must-go-to agent.

01/02/2013 - user1511031

One word describes Corrine "Awesome". When my wife and I first started looking for houses we noticed that Corrine was the Agent for a ton of homes listed. After talking with her for 5 mins we could tell why. She showed my wife and I at least 5 homes every Sunday (all in different areas) for two months straight. She never asked us to sign a contract or tried to reschedule for a more convenient day/time. She showed us properties on holidays, weekends, evenings, etc always working around our schedule. When we decided to buy a home she took part of her commission and bought us new blinds for our entire home ($1700 gift according to the receipt). A few months ago Corrine was our agent, today she is a family friend. Highly Recommend!

08/25/2012 - Ifeanyi O.Asonye

True Buyers Agent@Business, Heart, Mind, Spirit and Soul to connect and Work with! Though as a first-time home buyer in the current market, ...I still got the best than is out there. Yes, there are many horror stories- Not here!! Talking the 'Best-Of-Bests 'Home Buying Experiences with the 'Best-of-The-Best' attention to Details and Specifics' and plus..then Home Ownership Product Guidance, Advice, and Reference, I mean...all included... + customized with a personal Touch by a True BUYERS Agent and + with the references mentioned to Home Mortgage Bank/Company ...with all open to your Uninterrupted Free Exploration and to pick and choose at your own discretion in a very Natural, Relaxed and Caring Manner, Style and Fashion. Bottom-Line: This is where to go and to be as a Buyer. Very Military-Active-Veteran Friendly as well... Simply put, the best so far in the current and Future Markets, Starts, Climaxes, Very Sexy and Ends with the best right here. Corinne Smith gets 'Consultative Home Business' and needs with regards to Home Buyers- Simply put, she is just Simply Amazing, Gorgeous and Awesome as a 'Buyers Agent'. One thing I must leave with any Buyer is this... Please just save time and effort by Driving around a lot on your own... first, then contact your sellers Agent to go with you to see the list of Homes you really are interested. Why? Well, most Homes from the Internet photos may not appeal you when you see the outside, environment etc based on your personal tastes and needs etc.... Corinne Smith is highly recommended AnyWay, AnyHow...Very Flexible and Team Oriented...and Corinne, is extremely very Patient and Truly Care about the Buyer!!! Your Mission as a Buyer? Find your Personal Home, let Her/them also understand them, do your part on what your want, everything else works like MAGIC and/or even much more EFFORTLESSLY than you ever imagined or though it should just be/expected!!!! All the best!!!!!!!!

01/13/2012 - John18b

Exceptional service, Corinne is a consummate professional. She and Monika made the home search very relaxing, an excellent experience. Highly recommended!

12/29/2011 - jr26will9

Corinne was very helpful when looking for our new home. Corinne kept not only me but my wife stationed overseas informed on every step of our home buying process. She has knowledge and the expertice needed to make any home purchasing easy and painless. A true joy to work with and she was more than my agant at the end she was more like Family. I would highly recommend Corinne to anyone looking to buy or sell their home.

10/01/2011 - healthplus

Wonderful experience with this agent. She was capable, professional and polite. We had many showings for our home and experienced many different responses and contacts from other agents, however Corinne was able to provide excetional services that allowed for a smooth transaction in a very short period of time. Highly recommend her for another real estate transaction. M.L.

05/11/2011 - jembug21

Corrine was so helpful in every step of our first time home buying experience. We came down from New York so most of the "shopping" was done online. Corrine was just an email or phone call away. Sometimes i felt as if i were her only client, allthough i know she is a very busy woman! She made me feel like part of her family, very warm and friendly. I have recomended her to everyone i meet that is in the market for a home. In the future whether buying or selling, i will be calling Mrs. Corrine Smith again for sure!

04/06/2011 - tbrownbiz

I would highly recommend Corinne and her contacts to anyone looking to purchase a home. She is not only very good at what she does but she is also a very trustworthy person. She was very passionate about helping me and my wife find and purchase our first home. I have high expectations of the people that I work with and Corrinne was able to meet and exceed those expectations. She can truly provide a stress free, turn-key home-buying experience.

03/28/2011 - haightad

I have purchased 5 homes previously and Corinne is the best agent I have worked with. She has been incredibly responsive, answering phone calls and emails at all hours (I sent an email at 0200 one time and had a response within an hour). She did meticulous research to find out what I was looking for and adjusted continually as we looked. Her staff is very competent and kept providing more information as we looked at houses. She found me exactly what I wanted in short order. Equally important, she is a wonderful, pleasant person and a pleasure to work with. In addition to posting this here, I will recommend her personally to my friends.

03/27/2011 - cphipps09

Before I first started working with Corinne I was overwhelmed with buying my first home. She really simplified the process and made buying a home possible. She asked all the right questions for my needs, referred me to a lender, and really made me feel like I was buying a million dollar home. I am not originally from this area so my knowledge of what areas to look at was minimal. She showed me great neighborhoods and really focused on my expectations of what I wanted in a home for me and my family. She communiicated with me throughout the whole process and kept me very imformed every step of the way.

01/23/2011 - amy.wass

Corinne took the stress out of a stressful situation. With my husband deployed and needing a home for my family to live, she couldn't of been any better. From the first time that I talked to her on the phone I knew that she was the agent that we needed to get my family taken care of. With living in a different state at the time, she was always available by phone or by email. I have already recommended her to close family friends and they too were very pleased. She takes care of her clients; she truely cares about people and wants to make sure that they are taken care of.

01/19/2011 - Gliny

Corrinne has been very helpful and patient helping us find our perfect home that fits within our budget. I recommend her to everyone I know that wants to buy a home.

01/19/2011 - parablaster

It was very quick response and very polite one. Corinne is very passionate about her job getting people their dream home and will work with you despite any difficulties that might emerge. If there is something wrong with the property, she will tell you that strait up and will not try to hide it in order to sell it. Overall her focus is honesty and quality, not quantity nor pursuit of personal gain. I highly recommend this person and will use her again if I decide to buy any properties in the future.

01/19/2011 - pamkupf

What a wonderful stress-free experience we had selling our home with Corrine Smith as our agent. Our home sold in less than a month in a very slow market and I know it was because of Corrine's presentation of our home. She advertises everywhere and takes marvelous photos, but most importantly, she is always available and always with a smile and contagious laugh. She goes out of her way for her clients whether selling or buying, we highly recommend Corrine Smith.

01/19/2011 - regsea

Spectacular Real Estate Agent!!!
Without her, we would not have been able to accomplish the time constraint for our housing needs in job relocation from Las Vegas NV to Raeford NC - A residence area with which we had not been familiar.
She was there for us every step of the way ensuring timely communication enabling our housing search and prospects while we were in another state of residence preparing for our move. And her follow up to support us while we made our stressful transition - so reassuring and comforting. Can't say enough good things about Corinne. She is one truly impressive professional compassionate lady!!!

01/17/2011 - christina torres

Corinne Smith was wonderful! She was very patient and really cared about the big decision I was going to make. Corinne worked almost everyday with me until I found my new home. Her energy was great and I just knew she was the right one.

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