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Alex Paen Alex Paen Managing Broker Wilmington
910-202-3601 Email Email
Amber Stimmel Amber Stimmel Social Media Coordinator Wilmington
910-344-3012 Email Email
Bethann Carter Bethann Carter Inside Sales Associate Wilmington
910-202-2830 Email Email
Brian Moxey Brian Moxey Vice President - Director of Business Development Wilmington
910-202-2845 Email Email
Carol Averitte Carol Averitte Managing Broker Southport
910-798-1040 Email Email
Carol Ware Carol Ware Support Specialist Jacksonville
910-353-5100 Email Email
Carolyn Thomason Carolyn Thomason Vice President Public Relations and Human Resources Wilmington
910-202-2588 Email Email
Chris Royal Chris Royal Managing Broker Leland
910-471-4314 Email Email
Christie Berry Christie Berry Director, Sea Coast Real Estate Academy Wilmington
910-202-3611 Email Email
Cyndie Owen Cyndie Owen Accounting Coordinator Wilmington
910-202-2543 Email Email
Deborah Feldman Deborah Feldman Support Specialist Southport
910-457-6713 Email Email
Deborah Wallin Deborah Wallin Comptroller Wilmington
910-202-2559 Email Email
Denise Kinney Denise Kinney Vice President - Director of Sales Wilmington
910-371-1181 Email Email
Dian Debose Dian Debose Support Specialist Wilmington
910-202-2500 Email Email
Dianne McBride Dianne McBride Relocation Coordinator Wilmington
910-202-2536 Email Email
Glenda Newell Glenda Newell Professional Development Director Wilmington
910-202-3628 Email Email
Jason Wier Jason Wier ATS Support Specialist Wilmington
910-202-2838 Email Email
Jimmy Wilkie Jimmy Wilkie Courier Wilmington
Johnathan Stump Johnathan Stump ATS Manager Wilmington
910-202-2838 Email Email
Justin Ash Justin Ash Managing Broker Topsail Island
910-231-0642 Email Email
Kari Wilkinson Kari Wilkinson Accounting Coordinator Wilmington
910-202-2560 Email Email
Karen Johnson Karen Johnson Support Specialist Carolina Beach
910-458-4401 Email Email
Kathryn Ruth Kathryn Ruth Relocation Director Wilmington
910-202-2853 Email Email
Kathy Alexander Kathy Alexander Marketing Director Wilmington
910-202-3652 Email Email
Katie Melik Katie Melik Accounting Coordinator Wilmington
910-344-3009 Email Email
Ken Brandon Ken Brandon Managing Broker Jacksonville
910-353-5100 Email Email
Leigh Smith Leigh Smith Support Specialist Jacksonville
910-353-5100 Email Email
Leigh MaBee Leigh MaBee Support Specialist Leland
910-371-1181 Email Email
Mary Kay Aultman Mary Kay Aultman Support Specialist Wilmington
910-202-3602 Email Email
Michael Bolick Michael Bolick Relocation Coordinator Wilmington
910-202-3645 Email Email
Mike Coble Mike Coble Property Manager Wilmington
910-202-2528 Email Email
Nerissa Starkey Nerissa Starkey Support Specialist Leland
910-371-1181 Email Email
Robin Atkins Robin Atkins Closing Coordinator Wilmington
910-202-3603 Email Email
Roni Knox Roni Knox Support Specialist South Brunswick
910-754-6782 Email Email
Salena Giglio Salena Giglio Inside Sales Associate Wilmington
910-202-2829 Email Email
Shari Vonhassel Shari Vonhassel Support Specialist Hampstead
910-270-2221 Email Email
Sherri Pickard Sherri Pickard Managing Broker Wilmington
910-279-7202 Email Email
Tammy Ebersole Tammy Ebersole Managing Broker Carolina Beach
910-619-2050 Email Email
Ted Hardeen Ted Hardeen Senior Vice President- Marketing and Director of New Homes Wilmington
910-202-2545 Email Email
Tim Milam Tim Milam President Wilmington
910-202-2501 Email Email
Tom O’Neill Tom O’Neill Managing Broker South Brunswick
910-754-6782 Email Email
Vicki McHenry Vicki McHenry Support Specialist Southport
910-798-1043 Email Email
Vicki Milam Vicki Milam Support Specialist Wilmington
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